Apple and Bay Leaf Tea To Reduce Cholesterol, Control Diabetes and Boost Immunity

Have you ever heard about apple and bay leaf tea? 

We, the granola people, love teas and everything natural, don't we? 

Besides being delicious, they offer many benefits to our health. 

And whenever the temperatures are low, tea is always a good idea! 

Do you like tea? What is your favorite flavor? 

In today's video, you will learn why combining apples and bay leaves are good for your health. 

Apples are great for reducing blood pressure, improving brain function, reducing the risk of diabetes,  helping with constipation, preventing cancer, fighting asthma, preventing cavities, improving immunity and bone health,  alleviating stomach issues, preventing eye diseases, and slowing aging. Isn't it amazing?

It is possible that you use or at least have seen someone using bay leaves to make broth, but maybe you don't know all the benefits that this plant offers. Right?

Originally from the Mediterranean, bay leaf has been used for many years as a medicine and as a seasoning in different cuisines. 

Besides, it has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and antioxidant properties, and is a source of vitamins. 

All of that makes bay leaf great for indigestion and to regulate the menstrual flux, reduce stress and anxiety, and act as a natural diuretic. Amazing, isn't it? 

Did you know all these benefits of bay leaf? 

Learn how to make apple and bay leaf tea! 


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