Do You Have Red Spots On Your Skin? Here's What They Mean

 Have you ever noticed any red dots on your body?

They usually appear after 30 years old and aren't caused by any external factors, being exclusively genetic. But you shouldn't worry about them. 

Although the red color might be alarming, they are small dots of blood that can appear on the skin because of the abnormal growth of blood vessels. 

As the year's pass, their color can change to brown, or they might increase as we get older. 

These red dots are not considered malignant and are more prone to appear on fair skin. 

According to the experts, there is no way to avoid them from appearing, since we don’t know where they might show up. 

And, according to studies, these dots can multiply, but they offer no risks of becoming skin cancer. 

It is always worth remembering that, whenever exposed to the sun, you should use sunscreen, which can prevent these red dots, and also rosacea and other spots. 

If you want a natural alternative for traditional sunscreens, watch the suggested video. 

If you have any doubts about red dots, talk to a dermatologist to analyze your case and answer your questions.


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