How to Gain Weight Naturally In Less Than a Month

 Are you having trouble putting on weight? 

It may sound weird, but many people have trouble gaining weight. 

We can't forget that total body weight is a thing, and lean body weight is another thing. 

Besides that, being thin is not a free pass for eating whatever you want to. You may even gain weight, but it will result in malnourishment, which may even cause health issues. 

It is important to have a diet high in nutrients to gain weight healthily and sustainably. 

So, in today's video, we will talk about how to gain weight quickly. 

Do you want to learn the techniques and tips to make the numbers go up on your scale? 


Muscle training spends calories and many people think that the more they train, the less they will weight. But that's not exactly how things work! If your objective is to gain muscle mass (and weight gain as a consequence), you must do hypertrophy training to increase your muscular volume. 


Some nutrients are essential for the functioning of our body and, obviously, for building muscles, since it is from them that we take the necessary energy for metabolic processes. These nutrients can be classified as macro or micronutrients. Have you ever heard about them? 


There is no need to supplement macro or micronutrients, but it can be helpful for people who have trouble hitting their caloric intake.  

Besides that, you can use creatine, which has been shown to be very efficient for hypertrophy, helping also with muscle recovery, and also use a multivitamin to increase your micronutrient intake. 

In a weight-gain diet, the consumption of salads and vegetables must be reduced, since they contain fewer calories and lots of fiber, that will make you feel satiated for longer and hinder your gains.


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