If You're Using Apple Cider Vinegar For Weight Loss, Here's What You Should Know

 Apple cider vinegar is consumed all around the world because of its diversity. 

It can be used in culinary, house cleaning, beauty care, and natural medicine. Have you ever used it? 

It is easy to find a lot of types of apple cider vinegar in the supermarket, of different brands and price ranges. 

Recently, we made a video teaching you how to make apple cider vinegar at home, and a lot of questions showed up: 

Which is the best kind of apple cider vinegar? Is there any difference in their acidity? 

The acidity we are talking about is nothing more than the acetic acid values found in apple cider vinegar. 

This is the most important component of vinegar, resultant from the oxidation of the alcohol of fermented fruits during the process of acetification. 

However, it is important to observe your tolerance. If you are just starting to consume apple cider vinegar, start with a low dose to adapt your body. Also, always opt for organic vinegar and those in glass bottles. 

Oh, and when you see a little bit of dirt in the bottom of your bottle, don't worry! It is a vestige of the "mother of vinegar", a mucilaginous substance made by acetic bacteria  (of the Acetobacter genus). 

The mother of vinegar is naturally formed in any vinegar made of non-pasteurized fermented fruits. 

Now tell us, did you know these fun facts about apple cider vinegar?


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