Relieve Dry Eyes Naturally with Ghee

 Have you ever heard about ghee butter? 

Ghee is a pure oil of golden color, obtained from purified butter. Besides its culinary use, ghee is largely used in Ayurvedic medicine to make medicines and in beauty treatments. There are no secrets to make it at home, but that's for another video! 

In today's video, you will learn why to wash your eyes with ghee. Did you know that it is possible? Do you know anyone who has this habit? 

If you suffer from dry and itchy eyes, you will love this technique! 

According to the elders, ghee has physical and energetic powers, and washing your eyes with clarified butter helps hydrate the area, prevents dry eyes and also alleviates facial tension in the eyes. 

Besides that, since it contains retinol, ghee can improve your sight! 

But, how do you wash your eyes with ghee? 

Watch the video to learn more!

This treatment is contraindicated for people who suffer from glaucoma. 

Our eyes are extremely sensitive, and while we are awake, there is no moment when we don't use them.  It is almost impossible. 

So, if you suffer from dry and tired eyes, for being exposed to polluted environments or electronic devices and lights, ghee can help your irritated eyes!


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