Why 10pm Is The Best Time To Go To Bed

 What time do you go to bed? Do you sleep after 10 P.M.? Did you know that your sleep time can affect your health? That's what we will learn in today's video. 

To be healthy, it is essential to not only pay attention to your diet and workouts but also respect your body and its functions!

Going to bed on time is essential to make sure your hormonal levels keep an adequate and balanced production. 

Our biological clock, controlled by the circadian cycle, keeps our body healthy and functioning through a specific schedule that guarantees every organ is playing their roles to maintain our health. 

Experts say that eating at night, especially heavy meals after 8 P.M., can alter the body and its digestive process. Did you know that? 

When is dinner time at your house? 

A study done with 700 adults, presented at a congress of the European Society of Cardiology, analyzed the relation between the hours we eat and its effects in the body. 

The research noted that ingesting foods late at night causes a significant impact on blood pressure, especially when the last meal happens 2 hours before bed. 

According to the experts, it happens because eating  something before going to bed forces the body to stay in an "alert state." 

It stimulates the production of the stress hormone, adrenaline, and alters the circadian cycle. 

For the researchers, the human body isn't prepared to deal with many aspects of modern life. For example, the artificial lights to which we are  daily exposed make us stay awake for long hours. Ultra-processed foods are also affecting our health, as many people started to eat more and later in the day. 

Watch the video and learn about the hours of each organ and their function, so you can understand your body schedule how many hours of rest you need! 

What we can conclude from that is that the number of hours  slept is meaningless if we don't respect our biological clock. 

So, going to sleep at 10 P.M., the recommended time, it is best if you want to be healthy and well. By sleeping the 8 hours suggested by doctors to rest and repair your body, you would wake up around 6 A.M., giving you enough time to do your morning routine with calm. 

Going to bed early and always at the same time is the best way of helping your body to establish its daily cycle of detox.


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