Why You Should Eat the Peels of Fruits and Vegetables

 Do you eat your foods unpeeled?

Usually, we always peel foods before eating them, right? 

However, eating unpeeled fruits and vegetables avoids food waste and also adds more fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to your diet. Did you know that? 

Many people also peel their foods to try and reduce their exposure to chemicals. If you want to learn how to properly wash your foods to get rid of pesticides, watch the suggested video where we teach you the step-by-step. 

But, if you eat organic food, you will now learn why you should eat them unpeeled. 

Did you know that the peels are the part that receives the most energy from sunlight? 

The peel protects the inside of the fruits from weather, and they contain more fiber and flashy colors (thus, more nutrients). 

Watch the video and see now why you should eat your food unpeeled!

Are you curious to learn which foods you can eat unpeeled? 

Some of them are plums, pumpkin, zucchini, asparagus, potatoes, eggplants, carrots, cherries, mushrooms, peas, apricot, apples, cucumbers,  peaches, pears, peppers, grapes, and kiwis. 

But, before you start eating everything unpeeled, be sure to check the origins of your foods and opt for organics. The peel is where we find the highest concentration of pesticides that are harmful to our bodies.

Tell us, did you already know the benefits inside a fruit peel? 

If you already had the habit of eating unpeeled foods, share with us which ones you like to eat, skin and all.


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