Rosemary Foot Cream to Heal Dry Cracked Heels

 Are your feet dry or your heels cracked? Then this video was made for you. 

Today, you will learn how to make a natural rosemary cream to treat your feet and heels. 

Both issues, although common, are signals of dehydration. 

They can also be caused by using open shoes frequently or walking barefoot for too long. In some cases, the cracks can worsen if infected, which can hinder your walk.  

Did you know that our heels work as shock absorbers? 

The skin around the heels must be flexible and expandable to absorb the shock from the steps whenever we walk or run. 

If the skin on your heels is hardened or resistant, it becomes less flexible and may even crack. 

Do you know some other causes for cracked heels, besides open shoes and bare feet? 

Is your skin in need of rescue? 

Then, why not try this natural rosemary cream to treat your dry feet and cracked heels? 

Try it and share your opinions with us.


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