Important: Take This Step Before Using Aloe Vera

Finding out if Aloe Vera is safe for you to use is the first step in using it for beauty or health purposes. Leaves of the aloe vera plant contain a laxative-rich yellow resin. Most people can safely consume the gel extracted from the leaves without worrying about adverse effects, but an overdose can cause sickness, stomach pain, and even diarrhea.

Aloe Vera should be avoided by those who are pregnant, elderly, or taking drugs for high blood pressure or heart disease. A medical professional should be consulted prior to using Aloe Vera to ascertain that it is appropriate for your condition and the dosage that should be used.

The gel must be carefully extracted from the leaves, and the toxic yellow resin must be removed before Aloe Vera can be used safely. The yellow toxic substance can be drained by washing the leaves thoroughly and standing them upright to dry for 24 hours after harvest. The mucilage can then be carefully extracted from the leaves after the thorny edges have been removed and the skin has been thrown away.

You can ensure that you use Aloe Vera safely and effectively to gain its many benefits for health and beauty by following these steps and consulting a healthcare professional.


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