20 Pains In The Body That Are Linked With Emotional States

Can emotions be the cause of chronic pain? According to Dr. Susan Babel, a psychologist specializing in trauma-induced depression, this may be possible. Some studies have shed information showing that chronic pain may not only be due to physical injuries, but also because of emotional problems and a lot of stress. Read on to know 20 pains in the body and its possible relationship with certain emotional states.

How emotions relate to pains in the body

Although bad habits in the lifestyle, can be in great cause of our diseases, there are other factors also that we cannot pass long. Genetics is spoken (although this is to a lesser extent the one that could trigger a disease in full); Food and other environmental factors such as diets and contaminants, as causative elements, but there is a very important one that is still being explored in the field of science, but which has already shown evidence of being a Main factor in diseases and pains in the body, and are our emotions.

Our body always shows a reaction when we think, feel, and act. This is a mind / body connection. When you are upset, stressed or anxious, your body always immediately gives you the signs that something is not right. For example, irritation in the stomach or having high blood pressure may be due to having experienced a particularly stressful situation.
Some ways in which stress can affect you, even if it is minimal, is due to everyday situations that are sometimes so daily that we think that they are not a problem that can cause us stress. So pay attention and do your part so they do not affect you as much as you can. Remember that good changes can be just as stressful as bad changes.
Yes, we know that sometimes it is impossible to keep our spirits balanced, but unfortunately, that can sometimes lead to a weakened immune system making us more vulnerable and prone to acquiring “health drops” and giving us pain in the body, but having already The knowledge that our emotions can be the catalyst for chronic diseases and pains, is a good way to recover.
Talk to your doctor about your emotions
It is not very customary to talk to our doctors about our emotions and personal problems that cause them. But it is important to talk to your doctor if you are going through strong emotions or feelings when it comes to consulting him, since he has to exhaust the reasons why you may be suffering from chronic body aches, and emotions and stress play a role Important . Your problem may be being caused by depression and if you conceal it it will not be able to prescribe properly.
20 pains in the body that could be linked with emotional states

The following information shows you some physical signs of pains in the body, that your emotional health is out of balance and you should seek a balance:
Muscle pains
Having muscle pain represents a challenging ability to move in our lives. We must see how flexible we are being with every situation in our life and learn to flow with it.
The headaches, in the emotional field, have a lot to do with not making an important decision. Migraines represent the biggest and most unbearable headaches you can have. Check in this case which important decision you have not been taking. Also be sure to take each day a specific time to relax and release tension.
Neck pains
The pain in the neck is related to forgiveness. Is it difficult for you to forgive? Check your neck pain and if you have an unresolved problem that has to do with forgiveness. Forgiveness brings together many strong emotions, once releasing a forgiveness retained in the depths of your soul, where it is useless, you could feel more relieved of your chronic pains in this area. Consider in the process, the things you love about yourself and others. Work consciously toward forgiveness.
Pain in the gums
Like the head, the pain in the gums is attributed to not making a decision for yourself and also not to stay in it if you already took it. You must be clear and go for it.

Pain in your shoulders
It is easy to know why they may be chronically hurting their shoulders if there is no evidence of an already diagnosed disease. And even if there were, the pains in the shoulders have a lot to do in how much emotional load you are putting on yourself and that does not belong to you. Focus on being proactive in resolving this burden and distributing part of it to others in your life.
Stomach aches
It has a relationship in the aspect of digesting life. When you have gastrointestinal problems, even if you have a good diet, if you are not really digesting your life with satisfaction, symptoms will manifest in your solar plexus. If it becomes chronic, it can bring ulcers and cause pain. What cannot you swallow to see your life go by? What emotions do you experience that immediately make you feel bad in your stomach?
Pain in the upper back

If you are feeling pain in your upper back, you are not feeling emotional support. You may not feel loved or even might want to love back. If you are single, it may be time to go for an appointment and look for your partner.
Low back pain
Low back pain could also mean that you need emotional support or it could mean you are under financial worries. For one thing or another, look for the solution directly. You could go for a raise, or if you are the owner, seek to grow your business more; If you need a little pampering at night, be sure that out there is that person who will be your perfect complement. Listen to your inner voice.
Pain in the sacrum and coccyx
You may have been on a situation that needs to be addressed already. Face it, get to the bottom of it and go for the solution. End it and get out of that uncomfortable chair now.
Pain in the elbows
The pain in the elbows has much to do with the resistance to the changes that you must have in your life. If your arms feel stiff, it can mean that you are too rigid in your life. Get off! It may be time to think about shaking things up a bit. At least go with the flow. Also seek to dance, sing, laugh for nothing and get out of the severe routine.
Pain in the arms in general
This is clear evidence that you carry a burden that may be evident to you. Either a person or a thing. It may be time to ask yourself why you are still carrying it.
Pain in the hands
With your hands you reach things and you also connect. If you feel pain in your hands, it may mean that you are not achieving that. You cannot connect to it. Try to make new friends. Have lunch with someone you connect with or feel affinity with. Look for a real connection. Also this type of malice may represent that you are clutching something very strongly that you do not want to let go, but you must.
Pain in the hips
If you are afraid to move, that can manifest as a pain in the hips. Painful hips could be a sign that you are too resistant to changes and movements. It also relates to support. When injured, it is usually related to an imbalance in how you relate to life. You feel lack of love and support.
Pain in the joints in general
Like muscles, joint pain represents flexibility, attachment, and lack of change. Open your mind to new thoughts, lessons and experiences.
Pain in the knees

Ultimately, knee pain may indicate that you are a person who overcharges too much by falling pretense. Practice humility. Spend time volunteering. Be sure to remind yourself that you are also a mortal. You are human and although you have an ego, do not let it rule over your life.
You do not like your situation and you repeat that aversion in your head and emotions every day. He repeats to himself that experiences are flowing easily as they integrate perceived positive or negative experiences with ease.
Pain in the ankles
Ankle pain may be a sign that you are depriving yourself of the pleasure. It may mean it’s time to please you a little more. Spend more time on your romantic life.
Pain that causes fatigue
Boredom, endurance, and denying what it takes to advance, “What’s next?” Open up to that little voice that speaks to you very softly and pushes you into a new experience.
Pain in the feet
Your feet are very sensitive when you are depressed. You will see that the feet begin to manifest some reaction when you are of very low spirits. Being in a state of negativity also has consequences on the feet. Look for the constant joy in your life regardless of the challenges. Concentrate on good things by looking for other types of activities that do not make you back to the negative.


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