The Children Whose Parents Are Strict Are More Successful

There are many people whose parents were very strict, constantly ordering them to clean their rooms, do their homework and focus on their futures. Their constant nagging was probably difficult to bear.
However, according to the latest studies strict parents have more successful children. So, if you had a strict mother who made your life a living hell during the childhood, you will thank her one day for her strict parenting.

Erica Rascon, who is a professor from the Essex University, has conducted a study which proved that successful children have strict and highly demanding mothers.

More than 15000 children at the age of 13 participated in this study which was conveyed between 2004 and 2010. According to Erica, the results in the study correspond with the statements of most mothers, regarding the access to higher education.

If the mother has high expectations, then her children are more likely to be secure and confident later in life. According to the study, daughters whose mothers are nagging and persistent, have lower chances of getting pregnant too early.
Moreover, the children whose mothers are strict are more likely to finish their high education and get a decent job. Although it may sound unrealistic, strict and demanding mothers do have successful children.

If you have considered your strict mother as a real enemy while growing up, you will be highly grateful for it later in your adulthood. You will appreciate her efforts and you may probably adopt the same parenting approach to raise your children as well.


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