If You Eat 4 Raisins A Day, This Is What Will Happen To Your Body

One afternoon when I was visiting a friend of mine some years ago, I noticed that while we chatted, their children ran around the kitchen and from time to time they demanded a ration of sweets and sweets. I was surprised to see his mother take a candy jar from the jar and deliver it whenever they asked.
I could not with the curiosity and I asked if so much sweet would not be harmful for the children to which it responded to me: “They are not exactly sweets; They are raisins “.

But the children were so accustomed to taking them for candies that they enjoyed them as if they were the best delicacy.
And then I thought, “It’s an extraordinary idea!” What better than something natural and fresh to satisfy the demand for sweets?

But then I had the opportunity to research and learn that raisins were not only useful in this regard, but at the same time represent a lot of health benefits.
Do you want to know some of the main benefits of eating raisins?
Strengthens the bones: Raisins have magnesium, manganese and selenium that are important minerals essential for strengthening our bone system. Only a few raisins per day complete the necessary ration for an adult.

It improves digestion: This tiny fruit product of the dehydration of the fresh grapes, makes an invaluable contribution of soluble fiber that has as main function to favor the digestion and to prevent the constipation due to the humidity that they contribute to the digestive tract.
Protect the heart: Raisins also make a high potassium intake, which reduces the risk of stroke. This favors the heart because it lowers LDL cholesterol levels at the same time reducing the risk of heart attacks.
Provides energy: Although the raisins are sweet the sugar that it brings is completely natural because it derives from fructose, sucrose and glucose. It is an ideal option to increase energy and are even used as a collation in diets to lose weight or can quietly compose a snack mixed inside a yogurt or gelatin.


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