Cop sees special needs boy running away, gives him special badge that makes him ready to return

Kyson Baler does not like change. That’s because this sweet 9-year-old boy has special needs, which makes it tough for him to be independent, so he gets upset when his routine is disrupted. Kyson doesn’t talk and only communicates with his mother through sign language.
Though he’s gone to specialists all over the west coast, his developmental disability has never been diagnosed as something specific.
“He never babbled as a baby,” Kyson’s mother, Jessica Beins Baler, said. “He never said ‘mama’ or ‘dada.’ Tyson didn’t crawl until he was over a year old. He didn’t walk until he was 20 months old.”
Kyson is usually a very happy boy but when a change occurs, he doesn’t take it so well.

Source: Jessica Beins Baler

So, when Kyson had a new case worker at Journey’s, a development disability agency in Rigby, Idaho, he didn’t exactly take it well. He bolted out the door of the agency and sat on the floor of the parking lot outside.
That’s when he was spotted by police officer Chris Scott who pulled over to see what was going on with the boy. Without saying anything or demanding a reaction from Kyson, Scott just sat down silently next to Kyson.
“He looked like he kind of had a bad day, so I pulled over and I sat down,” Scott said.
Having someone to just sit with him helped to calm Kyson down and eventually open up to Scott.
“I just sat there for a few minutes and let him do his thing,” Scott said. “He pointed at my patch and I happened to have a challenge coin on me that had the patch on the opposite side and then badge on the other side. I gave him that and said are you ready to go back inside? He had a smile on his face and he was good to go.”

Source: Jessica Beins Baler

Though Scott made Kyson feel better, Kyson also made Scott’s day.
“When I got back to the police department, I had a smile on my face that day,” Scott told ABC 8 News.
According to ABC 8 News, the photo of Kyson and Scott that Kyson’s mom posted on Facebook was shared more than 5,000 times. No one was expecting that type of attention and exposure, but Scott and Kyson were glad they could make each other’s day a little bit better.
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Source: ABC 13


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