4 Tasty Fat Melting Tea Recipes You Need Now

The fat melting tea recipes you are going to see below are a MUST in your fat loss diet.

There is a simple explanation to this.
The tea comes as a soothing beverage that fits perfectly in the evening when you want to watch an excellent movie.
When you have a strong desire for some sweets or snacks, you can go with some of these teams to do good for your body.

Some people say that the tea doesn’t have anything that could help you. They can’t see the benefits of it.
However, when you are on a healthy diet and exercise at least four times a day, the tea is much needed with its antioxidants and powerful features.
It’s unassumingly strong and boosts your organism to melt the fat.
So, after tons of researches, I want you to show what the science found.
The following fat melting tea recipes are giving the best results when you want to lower the fat percentage in your body.

White Tea

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According to a study in the journal Nutrition and Metabolism, the white tea blocks the formation of new fat cells while boosting lipolysis. That’s the process of breaking down the stored fats in your body.
Another study says that the white tea is a rich source of catechins. It’s an antioxidant type that can speed up the liver process of turning fat into energy.
Impressive huh?

Barberry Fat Melting Tea


This tea contains berberine. That’s a fat-frying chemical.
A study from Chinese researchers says that berberine prevents weight gain and possible development of insulin resistance in rats that were fed with high-fat diet.
That’s not the only study about Barberry.
Other studies talk about the plant’s ability to boost energy expenditure and decreasing the receptors on the surface of the fat cells. The whole process makes the fat cells unable to absorb “junk” that comes in their way.
So, a cup of barberry anyone?



The naturally red and sweet tea that comes from the Rooibos bush is a very powerful fat-melter.
Research by the South African researchers says that the polyphenols and flavonoids in the tea prevent the formation of new fat cells by 22%.

Pu-Erh Tea

The Chinese researchers wanted to get deeper into the roots of this fermented Chinese tea.
They divided the rats into five groups and fed them various diets for two months.
There was the control group, one group was given a high-fat diet without tea supplementation, and three additional groups that were fed with varying doses of Pu-Erh tea extract.
These researchers came to a surprising discovery.
The tea significantly lowered the triglycerides concentrations and belly fat in the high-fat diet groups.
Maybe these findings will have a slightly different impact on human’s fat, but the results definitely open the door for further tests.

There you go. Amazing fat melting tea recipes you can make right now.

You will be able to notice the benefits in no time.
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Source: EatThis


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