5 Common Reasons for Cellulite and 5 Steps to Stop it

Oh no, the cellulite is making your legs and booty not perfect again. That’s awful giving that you are a week again from your spa weekend.

Okay, you might get over it this time, but I’m here to give you a few action steps to deal with it the next time.
What you are going to do now is commit never to have to deal with cellulite again.
Before I start with the whole explanation, I want you to know that you need to start working right now. Dealing with something that’s been around for a longer period requires time and dedication.
Now, since we got that out of the way, let’s check out the first part of the whole story.

What are the five most common reasons for cellulite?

5 Common Reasons for Cellulite and 5 Steps to Stop it
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  • Pregnancy

The high level of estrogen stimulates the formation of fat. I think your doctor told you that. It’s helpful in case of pregnancy or menses.
In pregnant women, the estrogen level plays a huge role in causing the collagen fibers to breakdown.
And you get cellulite.
  • Aging

To maintain the healthy body composition and size, the aging directly affects the energy expenditure. In other words, if your food intake is higher than what your body needs, the fat stores will be bigger.
That increases the chances of getting cellulite.
  • Being Overweight

Having a few extra pounds leads to excess fat stored in so many areas of your body. Fat is the biggest trigger of cellulite.
  • Poor Circulation

Your blood carries all the healthy nutrients and oxygen all over your body while relieving your body from toxic.
That leads the fibers to shrink and leave not such a smooth look.
  • Lack of Activity

Last but not least, the lack of action means poor circulation. It means that you are not getting your blood moving to reach out to the organs and tissues in your body.
Now, the second part of our cellulite journey:

Five steps you can do and stop cellulite

5 Common Reasons for Cellulite and 5 Steps to Stop it
  • Eat Well

Three meals a day with lots of green veggies should be your number one menu for a day. That’s how you get enough fiber and low-calorie intake.
The best thing is that you are not going to feel hungry all the time.
  • Start Exercising

Working out at least five times a week for 30 minutes will give your body the boost it needs.
Don’t forget to include weight resistance exercises and aerobics.
  • Drink Lots of Water

Water will detox your body and improve the lymphatic flow.
  • Massage

My favorite part. You don’t need to pay for massages. You got your husband to do it.
Massages will eliminate the toxins and increases the blood flow in the areas.
  • Take Care of Your Skin

Dry skin brushing improves the blood flow. It helps you remove the toxic matter and soften up the hard fat deposits under your skin.
You learned something new today. That’s good.

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