5 Deadly Ingredients You Eat and are Still Allowed by The FDA

I don’t want to go against the FDA, but sometimes they really blow things up by not caring as much as they should.

There are some ingredients allowed by them that are dangerous upon our health. People want to believe the FDA is here to cover their best interests, but it’s not always like that.
As long as some food doesn’t kill people directly, they have no intention forbidding it.
But, what about the unsafe ingredients that could lead to death in people?
I really don’t want to get into this and cause any bigger concern, but I couldn’t take it anymore.
I see people use them every day and I know that isn’t right. If I proceed and tell them, they will look at me like some sort of a stranger wanting to ruin their day.
5 Deadly Ingredients You Eat and are Still Allowed by The FDA
And that’s the last thing I want to do.
So, consider this as a warning to eliminate or reduce the intake of these ingredients.
Remember: the FDA will never say they are dangerous. Some big corporations are in the game.

Partially Hydrogenated Oils

PHO can be found in baked products and fried foods. These oils cause the cholesterol to explode through the roof. The reason behind this is the artificial trans fats that are created by these oils.
Numerous studies and researches have shown the consequences of these oils and still FDA didn’t find any reason to forbid it.
Consuming these trans fats and PHO increase the risk of heart diseases and heart attacks.
They are still allowed in foods and any company is allowed to claim that the product has no trans fats as long as the level is smaller than 5g.

Sulfite Preservatives

This is one of the biggest mistakes the FDA has made in the past. In 1982, sulfites were approved for using on fruits and vegetables.
There was vivid evidence that the sulfates could lead to asthma attacks. They ignored this and approved the sulfates anyway.
Four years and twelve deaths later, the FDA has banned it in 1986. However, they are still allowed in other foods different than fresh vegetables.
They are not harmful when cooked, but sometimes they can cause allergic reactions.

Artificial Red Coloring

Red coloring has shown to be a cause for cancer in animals who were exposed to it.
In 1990, FDA has banned this ingredient from makeup because it was carcinogenic.
However, this ingredient is still allowed in the canned fruit industry. 26 years later, we can still read it on the label despite being proven to cause cancer.
5 Deadly Ingredients You Eat and are Still Allowed by The FDA
It can be found in gum, yogurts, cake mix, and fruit cocktails.

Animal Antibiotics

Animals are given antibiotics to prevent sickness. These antibiotics end up in the meat and milk products everywhere in the world.
The CDC has revealed that the entire usage of antibiotics is causing antibiotic-resistant infections to mutate within humans.
The FDA already warned all animal farmers to stop using them, but nothing legal has come out yet.

Caramel Coloring

The most common ingredient used for food coloring. It’s shown everywhere. Especially in Starbucks. In 2007, this caramel coloring has been proven to contain a byproduct. That’s 4-methylimidazole. That, my friends, causes cancer.
The FDA, on the other hand, claims that food products contain safe limits of this ingredient, but the studies show otherwise.
What do you think? Can we put an end to these ingredients once and for all?
See what your friends think about it. Share it with them!
Source: Positive Med


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