5 Unhealthy Habits that Worsen Thyroid Problems

We all struggle with our unhealthy habits. I know you don’t want to hear that over and over again, but it’s better when you are aware of things.

The American Thyroid Association says that more than 12% of the whole population in our country will develop a thyroid disease sooner or later.
Don’t get me started on the effects of this disease. It will take over your life, and you are going to start feeling depressed and sleepless. On top of that, you could suffer from loss of memory, slower metabolism, and constant mood changes.
The good thing is that you can stop it from happening by including small tweaks in your life. Or you can quit some of the most irritating habits of your lifetime, and you are ready to go.
I spent a couple of hours to research the most common practices that cause thyroid problems, and I took five of them for granted.
You are going to agree that these are the worst habits a person can have and you need to quit them ASAP.
Here we go.

Unhealthy Habit Number One: Giving up to Stress

5 Unhealthy Habits that Worsen Thyroid Problems
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The loss of memory comes when the stress combines with the thyroid problems. You probably don’t feel it now because it’s early to tell. However, the long-term memory problems will follow if you continue to leave your life to be controlled by the stress.
EverydayHealth.com explains that this happens because the stress has a special force to construct an attack on your thyroid and its hormone secretion.
Don’t forget that the hormones are already vulnerable and weak from the previous attack of the thyroid disease.

Unhealthy Habit Number Two: Smoking

5 Unhealthy Habits that Worsen Thyroid Problems
Tobacco use and thyroid problems are probably the worst combinations. A study from 1995 reveals the smoking makes the thyroid problems worse.
The biggest enforcer here is the cyanide in the tobacco smoke. Yes. You guessed it right. The cyanide prevents the gland from synthesizing hormones that connect with the receptors.
And that’s not all. Worsening the thyroid problems is not the only thing here. A few organs more will suffer from the situation I mentioned above. Your liver is the first organ that will feel the impact of the cyanide-thyroid combination.
Are you going to quit smoking now?

Unhealthy Habit Number Three: Using Soy

Dr. Mercola is against soy. Especially those who suffer from a thyroid condition.
Soy features lots of components that will affect the thyroid gland. Goitrogens are the biggest impactor here that prevent the thyroid from doings what it does best.

Unhealthy Habit Number Four: Over-Eating Raw Cruciferous Veggies

This surprised me as well.
The Oregon State University says over-eating raw cruciferous veggies like turnips and cabbage can act negatively on those who suffer from iodine deficiency.
These vegetables contain glucosinolates that your body converts in goitrin.
5 Unhealthy Habits that Worsen Thyroid Problems
However, this doesn’t mean that you should quit eating these veggies. Just limit your intake, and you’ll be good to go.

Unhealthy Habit Number Five: Not Listening Advice from a Healthcare Professional

5 Unhealthy Habits that Worsen Thyroid Problems
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Lots of women do this. They don’t listen.
If you have problems with your thyroid, you should listen and then act right. The condition needs to be taken for granted. Maybe it doesn’t sound so dangerously, but it could do some serious problems if you refuse to treat it properly.
Avoid these unhealthy habits and check the condition of your thyroid often. You need to be aware of all changes that could occur.
Ask your doctor for more advice and recommendations according to your condition.
Don’t forget to share this with all of your friends. Sharing and raising awareness saves lives!


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