5 Vivid Signs of Vitamin Deficiency Written on Your Face

Vitamin deficiency is hardly noticeable if you don’t know how to look for it. The winter time is the period when we suffer from this cause the most.

The lack of vitamin D from the sun and other crucial vitamins for our well-being make us feel weak, or like we just saw a ghost.
Maybe you don’t feel that you lack something at this time, but your organism becomes vulnerable to diseases as you avoid taking any vitamins.
The whole talk about vitamin deficiency and what could come as a consequence made me do a little research and show it to you.
It came out, your face is telling you more about this, and if you know how to read its warning signs, you will be okay.
Here is where I come to educate you. Grab a mirror and focus your attention on it for the next couple of minutes.
5 Vivid Signs of Vitamin Deficiency Written on Your Face

Here are the vitamin deficiency signs on your face:

Sign #1: Overly Pale Skin

It’s a sign that you lack vitamin B12. If you want to bring back the old you and restore the exact level, try to increase the meat and seafood products in your diet.

Sign #2: Dry Hair

Dry hair means that you lack biotin, a.k.a. Vitamin B7. This condition comes as a result of taking antibiotics. To restore the level of biotin, you need to include more vegetables, meat, fish, mushrooms, fruit, and pulses in your diet.

Sign #3: Puffy Eyes

The lack of iodine causes this condition. Consume iodine rich foods like seafood, dairy products and bread (in some cases)

Sign #4: Colorless Lips

The lack of iron. If you want to restore the healthy level of iron in your organism, you need to consume more red meat and avoid high calcium food for quite some time.

Sign #5: Bleeding Gums

The most important of all, you lack vitamin C. Bleeding gums is the first symptom you are going to notice when this vitamin deficiency occurs. Establishing a great balance is easy. Include more vegetables full with this vitamin and citrus fruits.
If you want to get a more precise diagnosis of vitamin deficiency, you need to consult a doctor for further instructions.

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