6 Incredibly Easy Moves to Remove the Annoying Back Fat

I’ve asked a few women in the gym what part of their body is giving them the hardest problem.

90% of them shared that it’s their back fat.
Some of them are trying to remove it. To tighten up that area.
The others failed and left everything as it is. Not knowing what to do is the worst thing that could happen.
I once shared full workout routine to lose lower back fat.
My e-mail got full with your thank you notes for the 3-month workout.
Some of you already saw improvements after a week.

For those who missed it, you can check it out here.
I’m glad to see it work!
Now, I will share with you something I found recently.
While working, women avoid to train their back. Especially the upper and lower back.
No one has the perfect explanation for that.
Probably because they are more concerned how they look like when they see their image in the mirror.
The mirror shows only the front side.
I think we should raise that barrier and start full-body workout.
These 6 moves are a proven way for losing back fat.
They will help you get back in shape. Right after you see the first results, you would want something more!
Here are the 6 moves:

6 Incredibly Easy Moves to Remove the Annoying Back Fat
Of course I have a video presentation of these moves.

Here is how you can do the Supermen Exercises

How to do rear lateral raises

This is how you do Single Hip Extensions


Lower Back Extensions

Gym Ball Y Raises

Feel free to use different variations for the same purpose.

You can import this in the previous workout I already shared with you.
Keep up the good work. You are getting there!
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