7 Signs of “Stress Sickness” People Ignore During Fall

Fall prepares us for the winter. It shows us the first signs of imbalanced weather that will turn worse once the winter comes.

It can rain for days, and we all felt that rain makes us depressive. There are plenty of things you can do in your home, but spending some time outside is another part of the story.
According to research, appropriate levels of stress could keep you motivated. The biggest problem is the tipping point. We all have it.

Going at this point, you already feel the stress which can turn destructive.
Luckily for all of us, I have the seven signs people ignore during fall that show you are far above the tipping point.
After these signs, I’ll show you a video with ten stress relieving methods for releasing stress.


When stress takes over your life, you start forgetting things. I don’t know if it happened to you, but it makes sense.
Let’s say you have a problem that stresses you out. Every time you try to relax, the problem keeps popping in your head and increases your temper.
While you are working to forget and chill for a bit, you can’t think of anything else. All of this equals to forgetfulness.
This is the simplest way to explain the sign of “stress sickness.” Let’s take a look what the science says.

7 Signs of “Stress Sickness” People Ignore During Fall

According to Robert M. Sapolsky, a Stanford researcher, excess stress boosts the production of glucocorticoids. These compounds “push down” the hippocampus, which is the main compound for forming new memories.
On top of this, the Canadian Centre for Studies on Human Stress reveals that stress-related memory its spirit as a memory that is present one minute and disappears as soon as something more important happens.


When adults experience problems, they know the source is some tension or when the mind releases the stress.
The pressure problems come in different versions, ways, and intensity.
When I say different versions, I think about the particular spots they attack. Some people feel these problems on the tip of their head and some at the back.
“It’s like something tightens my scalp and neck muscles. I think my head will explode at any second.”
Sounds familiar?
The different ways are connected with the time people feel these headaches. Sometimes they can strike when you are the most stressed and sometimes when you solve the problem and its time for you to relax.
The intensity depends on of the stress level.
If you want to solve the problem, you need to try and relax more. Try different stress relieving methods like yoga or meditation.

Digestive Issues

Dr. Kenneth Koch reveals:
7 Signs of “Stress Sickness” People Ignore During Fall

Unexpected Weight Changes

The stress-sickness attack differently when it comes to weight management.
It causes some people to gain and others to lose weight. It mostly depends on of how people handle stress.
How many times you’ve met someone that eats lots of sweets, but can’t explain why?
The stress attacks your hormones. To handle stress, your body increases the adrenaline and cortisol production. Both of these affect the appetite.

Frequent Sickness

Chronic stress hits the immune system with a powerful stroke. The hard times makes the body produce cytokines. These inflammatory compounds are tightly connected with many autoimmune disorders.

7 Signs of “Stress Sickness” People Ignore During Fall

On top of that, the chronic stress prevents proteins to enter your body making it vulnerable to “pure” threats like viruses and colds.

Hair Loss

The stress sickness messes with the growing stage of your hair and speeds up the process where your hair falls out.
If you notice that your hair is falling out and you are not sure about what, try relieving that tension in your body and soul. You will solve two problems with one stroke: your hair will start growing again, and you won’t feel stressful anymore.

Skin Problems

The stress knows exactly what makes your skin vulnerable and interrupts its work. Like psoriasis and eczema.
Both of these pre-existing skin conditions are responsible for balancing the sound health of the largest organ in your body.
When the stress comes into force, it prompts chemical changes making the skin more sensitive.
The first respondents to this change are the acne and oily skin.
Now, the stress relieving methods I promised you before:

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