8 Totally Natural Remedies That Relieve Joint and Arthritis Pain

Americans always complain about arthritis and joint pain. Even the Centers for Control Disease and Prevention reveals that 52.5 million US adults are suffering from some form of arthritis.

The results are from 2012.
Furthermore, the research says that one in two people can develop symptomatic knee osteoarthritis when they are 80 years old.
Yes, your life and health matters even when you are older, as well.

Arthritis doesn’t attack only the more elderly population. Younger residents are in danger, as well.
Lots of young boys and girls under the age of 18 complain of pain in their joints.
The last statistical results reveal 294,000 children in the United States suffer from a form of rheumatic condition or arthritis.

8 Totally Natural Remedies That Relieve Joint and Arthritis Pain
Dr. Axe

It’s a painful experience. You can consult with someone who already has it to tell you how’s like to suffer from this annoying issue.
The feeling of constant pain that won’t leave you at peace is making you search for a magical potion that will make everything disappear.

Until then, I have something closer to that.
The arthritis pain and stiffness is a result of joint inflammation. All you can do is try to target the source. Treating the problems with your joints and reducing the pain could make things better.
For that manner, I have eight natural remedies that will relieve joint and arthritis pain.
  1. Ginger

The ginger is rich in anti-oxidants that work together to fix your bones. They successfully reduce joint pain and inflammation.
Many studies prove its effectiveness when it comes to supporting your organism.
According to the Arthritis Foundation, ginger’s effects are equal or bigger than ibuprofen. To feel its benefits, you need to consume at least four cups of ginger tea every day.
You can use it in sauces, granolas, vinaigrettes, and more.
  1. Magnesium

This mineral is required for your body. Satisfying the necessary dose of magnesium your body needs means relieving stiffness and pain.
It makes your bones stronger by mineralizing them.
Check out the list of magnesium rich foods you need in your diet:

8 Totally Natural Remedies That Relieve Joint and Arthritis Pain
Natural Remedies

  1. Warm Morning Bath

Did you have a good night sleep?
It’s been eight hours of sleeping in one or two positions. Your joints are stiff, and you can feel the pain coming.
To prevent this from happening, you need to take a long, warm bath in the morning.
It will relax your muscles and bones in the morning.
  1. Turmeric

It’s more the curcumin acting as a joint pain reliever. This is the active compound in the turmeric that relieves inflammation.

The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health agrees that turmeric is an effective fighter against joint pain and inflammation.
  1. Olive Oil

All anti-inflammatory nutrients in cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil have the same properties as the ibuprofen minus the side-effects.
  1. Delicious Fish

Any fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids.
The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health reveals that Tuna, Herring, Mackerel, and Salmon help you relieve tender joints.
Your morning stiffness will disappear, eventually.
  1. Gloves in Bed?

8 Totally Natural Remedies That Relieve Joint and Arthritis Pain

I don’t know about this one, but it could make sense.
If you wear gloves while you sleep, your fingers and wrists will stay secure and feel better.
This is particularly useful for those who are suffering from arthritis.
Snug-fitting gloves will do the trick. You are going to notice the difference as your hands will be looser and not swollen.
  1. Citrus

Citrus fruits and veggies are amazing when you are treating osteoarthritis. It’s due to the high amount of vitamin C.
The vitamin is especially important when your body forms the primary cartilage components and fights off free radicals.
By enriching your diet with citrus fruits, you will prevent further damage to the cartilage.
As you can see arthritis shouldn’t be so painful. You can do whatever it takes to relieve stiffness and joint pain.
“Borrow” these home remedies, and you are going to start feeling better.

That’s pretty good if you start doing this even if you don’t feel joint pain nor suffer from arthritis.
Prevention is better than the cure.
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