Beware of These 4 Foods That Boost Up Aging

Developing your own way of eating comes with risks.
Most of the people you see around you don’t know what they are eating. They just want to keep their stomach full. And nothing else matters.
Thank god you are not like those busy people. You are the one who takes care of his body. You know how they say…my body is my temple.
Let’s continue to treat it like that.
I bet you don’t like the picture when you see some old and rusty temple. You question yourself why someone didn’t fix it to remain in good shape?
I ask myself the same question when I see middle-aged women who look like they are in their old age.
Just take a walk in the park and you will see the same thing. I somehow feel good about myself at that moment. I’m blessed that I got into nutrition and healthy living.
Did you know that there are foods that help the aging process?
The biochemical reactions in your body that occur every time you eat food are the reason why some foods are aging you faster.
While you are focused more on eating the wrong foods, others avoid them by any means.
Before I share with you and your friends the foods that speed up aging, let me make something clear.
When I talk about aging, I don’t mean about wrinkles or thick hair. This story talks about all of your functions and whether you feel like an old person in your own younger body.
The 3 processes that start inside of your body and do damage by speeding up the aging process are:
  •      Glycation
  •      Inflammation
  •      Oxidation
With that being said, let’s pay attention to every detail and see what are the 4 foods I was telling you about.
  1. Whole Wheat Foods

Even these foods are dealing badly with your metabolism. All of the wheat-based foods like bread, cereals, bagels, and others are spiking up the blood sugar.
What people don’t know is that companies often use their marketing campaigns to “feed” their brain advertising healthy whole-wheat products.
If you look closely, you will see an unusual carbohydrate that is present there. It’s hiding under the name Amylopectin-A. That’s the carbohydrate that is guilty for spiking your blood sugar.

And you already read all the things about high blood sugar. It adds ages to your body. What’s more, it makes you age faster.
As you can see from the picture, eating a whole-wheat bread spikes sugar more than consuming an oatmeal.
And do not get me started on what gluten does to your body.
  1. Corn-Based Foods. All of them!

Don’t get fooled if you see that something is corn-produced. There is no such thing as healthy corn-based food.
I’m talking about corn cereals, corn chips, corn oil, and corn syrup.
That last one might be the reason no.1 why I put these foods right here.
It’s a high-fructose syrup and you should avoid it by any means. Replace it with raw honey and you are good to go.
The scientists have found that the fructose in this corn syrup causes 10 times more formation of ages in your body than glucose.
This doesn’t mean you should eat glucose. It’s still dangerous and causes aging. Both of them are evil, but the first one is bringing bigger damage.
And people still use corn syrup as a healthy sweetener.
Check all of your foods. If you see that something is done with High Fructose Corn Syrup, trash it right away.
Another problem with these corn-based foods is that they cause imbalance in your omega-3 and omega 6 acids. They imbalance their ratio causing inflammation and oxidation within your body.
That’s how people end up obese and age faster.
  1. Sugar

You knew it was coming didn’t you? Sugar addicts listen up. If you don’t want to grow older faster than usual, you should quit right now.
It’s the obvious food that you need to avoid.
I know it’s addictive. The drugs are too. You do the comparison. Both can kill you slowly, but efficiently.
You’ve heard how sugar is bad for your health lots of times. You will keep hearing it. Now you know that it accelerates your aging, as well.

During my time, I haven’t heard what’s the good side of sugar. Can you tell me one?
That’s what I thought.
Check the labels. Sugar can be hidden by different names.
  1. Vegetable oils

I know what you are thinking right now, but everything will be clear. Keep reading.
Some of the companies want to use tricks. They use the word “vegetable” to lure the consumers to purchase their products.
That’s why you often see vegetable oils like soybean oil, corn oil, canola oil, vegetable oil, and many more.
Most of the times these oils went through many processes just to get the final product.
This is how they make you believe the oils you use are healthy. In fact, they are producing free radicals and provoke inflammatory actions in your body.
Tend to look for true healthy oils like extra-virgin olive oil or avocado oil. I love virgin coconut oil.
Following these tips and avoiding the foods that are causing you to age faster will definitely help your overall health.
It’s about you. You are the only one who should take care for your own health. The world is full with beneficial and tastier varieties of food that will do you good.
Don’t be the last one who will discover things on the worst way possible. Start eating healthy.
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