A Natural Drink That Relieves an Intense Migraine in a Couple of Minutes

Everyone who suffers from an intense migraine knows that this is not a simple headache. They come along with nausea, visual disturbances, vomiting, extreme sensitivity to light, dizziness, numbness, and more.

The attack is “unsurvivable.” You think this is it. That’s the end of the path because it can last up to 72 hours.
Lots of people look for the pill solution that works with a migraine. However, their metabolism and headache become immune to these pills and every time you drink one the effect is weaker.

A Natural Drink That Relieves an Intense Migraine in a Couple of Minutes
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If you want a safer and natural way to treat an intense migraine, you need to start taking in the best hydrating ingredients out there.
The following natural drink will help you relieve a headache in a few minutes. You just need to hydratase your body and flush down the bad toxins in your organism.
Just follow the ingredients and instructions, and you’ll be revived going further.


  • A cup of Water
  • 1 Lemon
  • 2 Teaspoons Himalayan Sea salt


  • Pour the water into a drinking glass
  • Squeeze the juice out of the lemon and add it to the water
  • Stir in two teaspoons of the Himalayan pink sea salt and mix thoroughly.

How does this natural remedy will relieve an intense migraine?

Water is the key to a healthy life. You need a specific amount of water if you want to stay hydrated through the day. When you are not receiving water, your body can tell you that through symptoms like these.
Himalayan Sea Salt Benefits:

A Natural Drink That Relieves an Intense Migraine in a Couple of Minutes
The lemon juice provides your system with Vitamin C to boost it and help him to flush the toxins out.

You know how much I hate headaches. Everything can cause them. Even when your body is relaxed, and your mind is somewhere deep in the ocean, the problem could come knocking on your door.

Headaches are common. People are addicted and can’t stop taking medications when they have one.
In my previous posts, I shared some preventive measures you can take for headache relief.
This time is different. Somehow I came to Dr. Sakib Quereshi. He is an experienced neurologist. The video you are about to see will explain everything you need to know about his work.
Dr. Sakib focuses on the warning signals your body sends while suffering from a headache. He makes sure you understand and can differentiate a pure pain and severe headache.
Take a look.
He’s got a point.

Headaches became trending this week. Everything moves around them.

Whenever I open up to read something new, there they are. Headaches and their possible cures.
Maybe the Internet wants to tell me something. This holiday season could give me lots of headaches.
I’m not worried. I’ve read and shared with you a couple of solutions. I’m ready.
Jokes aside, no one wants to feel this pain. However, every time you get a headache something is different.
I mean, the pain is there and takes over your head, but sometimes it’s a different spot and intensity.
Depending on that place where your head hurts the most, it might mean you are on the verge of developing a serious health problem.
Now, I don’t mean to scare you and stuff like that. I just want what’s best for you. That’s why I share these things.
If you are waking up with a headache every morning, you should check that up with your doctor. It could indicate sleep apnea, high blood pressure or even tumor in your brain.

How The Painful Spot Determines the Type of Headache
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Very often, headache types vary according to location. I have found the most common ones.
  •      Pain only in the half of your head

If you suffer from constant headaches that target only one-half of your head, then it’s a sign of a migraine.
You will definitely recognize this pain because it’s constant and it could last up to 72 hours. The pain slowly starts with moderate strength. Then, it transforms into severe.
Nausea and sensitivity to noise and light are very common.
  •      Feeling like someone squeezes your head

Have you been feeling a little bit tensed for the past few days? If yes, then this headache is from tension.
It holds that nervous medium intensity of pain while you are feeling like someone squeezes your head.
It occurs to large stress. You will feel better if you get some nice sleep.
  •      Pain in one side of your face followed by swelling on the eyelids

This is called the seasonal headache. It’s strong and last in cycles. You could feel this pain from 2 weeks up to a month.
It comes and goes in a certain period of years. The duration of pain is different every day. But it usually occurs at the same time of the day or night.
  •      Forehead Pain

Maybe this is the most common of all. Inflamed sinuses cause it. This pain could be felt from your cheekbones and up to your forehead.
In this case, take a steamy shower or do an inhalation. It will improve your condition right away.
  •      Pain in the back of your head

If you are having problems with your spine or neck, it leads to a headache. This goes for those who have a sitting job.
This headache occurs from sitting for too long.
If you catch yourself not getting up for a longer period of time, get up. Stretch a little bit. Do some simple movements or stretching with your head.
This will definitely make you feel better.
There you have it. Some experts believe keeping a diary of your headaches will help you determine what’s wrong with you.
The diary should include how often your headache appears, at what time, the point of pain, how strong and how long it lasts.
Based on this, your doctor will be able to diagnose your headache.
Is someone of your friends suffering from a headache? – Show this to them.


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