Are These Veggies Capable of Worsening Arthritis?

It’s tough to believe that veggies can do worse for some people. Especially for those who are suffering from arthritis.

Veggies are great. There is no doubt about it. I don’t care if someone tells me that they will make my life worse. Raw and local grown vegetables can’t be bad for your health.
This research shows that some CERTAIN types of veggies can cause certain health conditions and make arthritis worse.
You have probably heard that cruciferous veggies in raw form can worsen thyroid problems in many people.
Maybe I’m a little bit skeptic about this because I love veggies so much. But, there are people who noticed a difference while eating certain types of vegetables.
I’m going to focus on arthritis here. There is a type of veggie that many people have no idea can make their problem even worse.
Here is the type:

Nightshade Vegetables

These vegetables can be seen all around us. We consume them on a daily basis. This type includes tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant and peppers.
What’s common for them is that they contain alkaloids that could be harmful. Not every person on this planet can suffer consequences of these alkaloids. However, there are people who can see and feel the difference.
The Nightshade Vegetables don’t react well with arthritis. They make it worse because of how they treat the calcium metabolism in the body.

Are These Veggies Capable of Worsening Arthritis?
The alkaloids are causing the biggest problems here. They may lead calcium deposits in joints, cartilage, ligaments, and tendons.
The reaction that comes as a result of these deposits is inflammation and sometimes joint pain.
Maybe you are not feeling anything, but people with some “starter form” or advanced stage of arthritis can definitely tell the difference.
With that being said, you are not advised to ditch these veggies. The one thing you should do is to reduce the amount you consume on a daily basis. Try to control the portions if you want to avoid bigger damage.

Wait, I’ve heard that Vitamin D can worsen arthritis?

While I was writing this, I read a few comments about Vitamin D and its connection to arthritis.
If someone wrote it, I bet you all have heard something about this. Or maybe not.
Either way, you have to know that the Vitamin D is highly important for your immune system, bone health, and reduce the chances of you developing cancer or other diseases.
You can say that it’s the most important substance in our bodies.
But, you need to know this. The Vitamin D works best with vitamin K2 and Calcium. The lack of any of these can cause imbalance. They make sure your body properly utilize calcium in the right places (tissues) and prevent sending calcium to the wrong tissues.
The lack of vitamin D or Vitamin K2, can result in sending calcium to the wrong tissues and worsen some conditions like Arthritis.
That’s why you probably heard that Vitamin D worsens this condition. Both of them are really important. But, I can tell that the intake of Vitamin K2 is crucial.

Are These Veggies Capable of Worsening Arthritis?
Unfortunately, people on a diet or vegetarians don’t get enough vitamin K2. Animal foods, kefir, cheeses, yogurt, butter, cream, and egg yolks are the richest foods with this vitamin.


You all got the lesson. If you want to protect yourself from worsening your tissues or fulfilling them with unnecessary calcium, you should get enough Vitamin K2 in your diet.
Maybe the Nightshade Veggies make it worse, but with enough Vitamin K2, you will definitely fight that off and prevent arthritis from developing.
It’s up to you.
Don’t forget to share this with your friends. They need to get educated, too.


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