Detox Foot Pads: What Are Those and How To Make Them?

I found this recently and I bookmarked it to share with you but never had a chance to do it.

Searching through my bookmarks, I found it again. I said to myself, now or I will forget again!
It’s about detox foot pads. I never saw them before.
It came out that these footpads have been first used in Japan. Since then, they became regular detox ways for women.
They need to be placed on the soles of your feet before you go to bed. The next day, when you remove the pads, you will see these pads full with dangerous toxins that darkened the pads.
The pads are placed on the feet because they have the ability to circulate blood and lymph into your torso.
Detox Foot Pads: What Are Those and How To Make Them?
The positive results of using these foot detox pads are minimizing the fatigue, joint pain, and reducing headaches.
Do You want to know the best thing? – You can make them in your home.
Read below to learn how.


  •      Onion
  •      Garlic
  •      Water
  •      Self-Stick gauzes pads
  •      Socks


  •      Slice both the garlic and onion till is well chopped. Place them aside.
  •      Pour water in a pot and let it boil.
  •      Add the sliced garlic and onions in the boiling water.
  •      Let it boil for additional 10 minutes
  •      Remove the pot from the heat and let it cool off for 20 minutes
  •      Pour the mixture into the center of the self-stick gauze pads (enough to get wet and try not to get the sticky parts get wet)
  •      If there is too much liquid on them, squeeze the excess out.
  •      Patch the self-stick gauze pad on the soles of the feet. Put on your socks and go to bed.
You will notice how these pads will turn brown. That’s the color of the toxins out on the pads.


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