Warning: These 98 Illegal Chemicals Are in Your Shampoos

I really hate when I read something like this.

It makes me sick.
We use shampoos every day. We buy them for our kids.
Reading the labels doesn’t help. I don’t understand them.
I mean, I know most of the ingredients, but what about the hidden ones?
Almost every day I’m thinking about what to do more to protect myself and my family.
I found 100 illegal chemicals in 100 shampoos brands. Can you imagine?
The “illegal” word rings in my head like a train horn.
I’m very disappointed in some companies. They are making shampoos for babies.
Using illegal chemicals is not the way.
Here are all of the 100 chemicals used in these shampoos in one picture:
Warning: These 98 Illegal Chemicals Are in Your Shampoos

It’s not right. They are toxic, carcinogenic and bad for our health.
Unfortunately, they are allowed to do that. The FDA allows them to do that.
As a mother and a person, I don’t know what to use anymore.
I’m scared for the health of my kids and myself.
Maybe I’m overreacting, but what can I do.
I want what’s best for all of us. That’s why I wanted to share this with you.
Understanding and recognizing these chemicals on the labels will make us avoid them by any means.
I’m not saying you should ditch your favorite shampoo.
If it’s safe keep washing your hair with it. But, be careful.
I have a natural shampoo recipe for those who want to use something different and natural.
I’m thinking about making it and see if it will show satisfying results. If not, I’ll find the one that works.
Here it goes:


  •      ½ cup coconut milk
  •      2/3 cup castile soap
  •      10/15 drops essential oil of your choice
  •      2 teaspoons of almond oil
Mix all the ingredients in a bottle and shake it well.
Shake it before every use.
You need to let your friends know about these toxic chemicals.


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