Iodine Deficiency Causes 66% Bigger Breast Cancer Rate in the US

Iodine deficiency is something that is taking over our lives. Lots of women are suffering from it, and I feel like there is no education about this cause.

The proper nutrition, stress reductions, exercise, and avoiding all toxins around us will give you the best opportunity to duck when the breast cancer attacks.
On the other hand, the myth is still tightly attached to the mammogram as the best way to prevent breast cancer.

Iodine Deficiency Causes 66% Bigger Breast Cancer Rate in the US
However, the radiation emitted from a mammogram might trigger the onset of this cancer type. So, instead to get a longer life, the mammograms are resulting with over-treatment.
Studies show how iodine deficiency is leading the cause for breast cancer. Consuming iodine rich foods keeps the balance between you being healthy and suffering from an unwanted disease.
Although the thyroid gland mainly represents this nutrient, there are some stores in the breast, as well. With that said, iodine is one of the essential nutrients the breasts need to say “no way Jose” to cancer.
Iodine deficiency doesn’t go along with brain development in infants, as well. The iodine is one of nature’s ways to protect your baby.
Iodine stores in your body ensure that the baby gets the proper amount this nutrient. Apart from being bad for the babies, iodine deficiency acts dangerous for women, as well. As we saw before, it increases the risk of breast cancer.


Iodine deficiency in your body provokes it to produce more estrogen. This leads to increase the risk for reproductive cancers like breast cancer. Low iodine level enhances the sensitivity to estrogen in the breasts making the vulnerable to developing cancer.
Dr. Bernard Eskin reveals that iodine deficient breast tissue is more likely to develop cancerous alternations, but iodine could reverse them. The lab studies show how iodine leads to a cellular death of breast cancer and tumor growth reduction without affecting healthy cells.
I provide you with a list of iodine rich foods you can include now in your diet.

Iodine Deficiency Causes 66% Bigger Breast Cancer Rate in the US
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