See Why Intermittent Fasting Gives Amazing Health & Fitness Results

It’s really nice to see you here.

Before I tell you what is intermittent fasting, let me show you why people struggle with their weight.
We all have our theory.
Some lack responsibility, some are not ready and others are just too weak.
Everything can be a reason.
It seems Dr. Mercola has the best explanation.
He says the main reason aside from eating processed foods is because people are in continuous feast mode and rarely go without a meal.
Their body is rusty.
It is adapted to burning sugar frequently that it thinks that’s his primary fuel.
And you already know that if you are low in fuel you put in more and more. That’s how your body works. That’s how everything works.
When your car (read body) runs on low fuel it asks for more. This means ingesting more sugar.
That’s how you end up fat.
Dr. Mercola adds that fasting is the best way for resetting your metabolism.
So, what is Intermittent Fasting anyway?

See Why Intermittent Fasting Gives Amazing Health & Fitness Results
Your body needs to understand that there is another healthy fuel supplier in town.
When it adapts its new supplier, your body will start burning fat. The sugar will be replaced as a primary fuel. Your new fuel will be fat.
The unwanted fat stores will be shed.


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