She Drank a Healthy Mixture Every Day for a Year. See What Happened

The summer is over… oh man, already?

And it’s time for the flu season.
I hate when this season comes. I tend to stay flu-less during the year.
Staying fit, eating clean and trying new things always helps.
Over the past years, I really reduced the number of times of being sick.
Recently I’ve shared 7 easy tips you can do to stay healthy as much as possible.
See them here.
This year I’m trying this.

Big thanks for Crystal Davis who shared her amazing story.
Many people are skeptics about natural remedies that work. I think this will show them!
Everything started when she caught a bad flu. Pills didn’t help and She was feeling very weak.
You know how it is when you are sick. It feels like your body will collapse.
Crystal found out something that helped her very well.
A woman gave her amazing advice.
She was told to drink warm water, honey, and lemon every single morning.

She Drank a Healthy Mixture Every Day for a Year. See What Happened
Like many of you, she was skeptic about this.
But with no other choice up in the sleeve, she agreed to do it.
I got healthy, but I kept drinking warm water with honey and lemon. I started drinking it every day and a year later I’m still doing it. During that year, my organism transformed.

– says Crystal.
Here is what changed for her during that year
She kept drinking it. The improvements didn’t stop coming. All she could feel was her healthy body and organism.
Crystal claims she didn’t catch a cold during that year. Not even stomach pains.
Before this, pills were the first thing she took for sickness. Now things have changed.
Now that’s history. She carries this natural remedy with her everywhere she goes.
Even on vacation, she never forgets to drink this remedy.
It became her habit. Her amazing “stay healthy” habit.
Do you want a habit like this?

If you do, here is her recipe:

  •      1 glass with warm water
  •      Add ½ squeezed lemon
  •      Add 1 tablespoon honey
  •      Drink in the morning after you wake up
Here is how Crystal thinks it works:

The drink, as a whole, protects your urinary tract from any infections.
Honey and lemon will do their work by improving your digestive system.
They will keep your large intestine hydrated, too.
With honey’s antibacterial properties, you are protected from infections. Its boosting abilities will make you get rid of toxins.
Controlling your weight comes as a cherry on top.
More benefits of honey? – Yes, please!
Lemons? – They are amazing for your skin, purify your blood and force your body to create new cells faster.

She Drank a Healthy Mixture Every Day for a Year. See What Happened
The mixture as a whole is a “healthy bomb” you would want to “explode” every morning.
Do you think you can do it?
Let’s all try this for a year and share the benefits of it.
I’m starting this right away.
I certainly don’t want to catch the flu this year. Do you?
See you here after a year.
Do you think your friends would like to join us?
Share this and see who is up for it!


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