This Japanese Trick Could Kill Pain Immediately

Japanese people are all about healing. They always have the perfect recipe for healing.
It’s natural, requires a few natural ingredients, and a special method. And that’s it.
All of their recipes are like this.
Oh yes. And granny or grandpa to mix them all up. I always imagined Japan like that. I’ve never visited that place.
Maybe some of you could share an experience from there?
I want to go there. I want to learn all of those natural remedies they have.
Like this one, I found recently. I don’t remember what I’ve been searching for. It involved something about resolving some sort of pain.
It doesn’t matter.
I came to this Japanese method. Wait until you hear its name.
This ancient healing method is called Jean Shin Jyutsu. It sounds like some ancient martial art.
JSJ is a part of the alternative medicine based on the fingers of your hands. You can balance and control the energy in your body through certain points on your fingers.
When I was visiting Aikido lessons, the sensei said that if he can get to my little finger, he can control my whole body.
That’s when I started to believe in Japanese methods.
The basis of this method is really simple. Each finger on your hand is tightly connected with a certain organ in your body.
I think you know what it follows.
Massage or apply pressure on your fingers. There isn’t a better feeling than massaging your fingers.

This Japanese Trick Could Kill Pain Immediately
But this method requires a different approach.
If you feel that certain organ might be causing you problems, hold the finger with the other hand and press it. Use the whole hand for that.
Hold like that for approximately 5 minutes.
Don’t forget to breathe deeply while you are applying the pressure.
That’s it.
Performing this method on your fingers is believed that will improve the health of your organs.
You will achieve great harmonization of your body. Practice. See if it helps.

What are the organs that are connected to our fingers?

You are right on point. Here we go:


  •      Organs: Spleen and Stomach
  •      Emotions anxiety and depression
  •      Physical symptoms: abdominal pain, skin problems, nervousness, and headaches

Index Finger

  •      Organs: Kidneys and bladder
  •      Emotions: Fear, Disappointment, and confusion
  •      Physical Symptoms: Muscle aches, Backache, toothache, digestive system problems

Middle Finger

  •      Organs: Liver and gall-bag
  •      Emotions: Indecision, Anger, and Irritability
  •      Physical Symptoms: Problems with blood circulation, menstrual pain, vision problems, and fatigue

Ring Finger

  •      Organs: Lungs and Colon
  •      Emotions: Negativity, Fear, Grief, Fear of Rejection, and Sadness
  •      Physical Symptoms: Respiratory problems, Asthma, and Problems with digestion

Small Finger

  •      Organs: Heart and Small Intestine
  •      Emotions: Care, Anxiety, Nervousness, and lack of self-esteem
  •      Physical Symptoms: Heart Disease, Sore Throat, Stomach bloating, and Bones problems
Don’t take this for granted. It’s nice to ask your husband or wife to massage your fingers.
This comes from the alternative medicine. It’s present for many years and it will be shared for many years in future.
It’s really tough to scientifically prove its working abilities.
One thing is for sure, though. Your hands will feel restored after this.
Share this with your friends. See if they can help you with this.


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