Study Says Eating Ice Cream for Breakfast Makes You Smarter

Eating Ice Cream for breakfast makes you smarter, and I don’t want to hear anything else. Isn’t that the best study we had since ever?
You know how Japanese people are all skinny and seem like they are hungry all the time?
Well, this study comes from their area. I guess this is their secret?
A Japanese study talks about the ice cream for breakfast and its ability to increase your brain activity.
The lead scientist, Yoshihiko Koga, a professor at Kyorin University in Tokyo, gathered a test group to end the taboo about the ice cream.
After that, he ran a couple of mental tests on the computer.
Study Says Eating Ice Cream for Breakfast Makes You Smarter
Days Of The Year

He separated the group on three sub-groups.

  • Group No.1 ate ice cream right after waking up
  • Group No. 2 didn’t eat anything for breakfast
  • Group No. 3 drank only water
The test results came in to bring joy to our lives. The first group performed tasks more quickly and accurately than the people in the other groups.
Okay, I know, I know. Eating breakfast of any kind will increase the brain function.
Whether that’s eggs, ice cream, avocado and cheese toast, all of them will make you perform well on the mental tasks early in the morning.
But it’s nice to have recognition for the ice cream for a change.
Study Says Eating Ice Cream for Breakfast Makes You Smarter
Sweet Simple Vegan
Plus, a sweet homemade strawberry-chocolate ice cream will give bigger pleasure than three eggs and two slices of low-fat cheese. At least once a week.
I got excited when I saw this study. I eat ice cream through the whole year because it fits my diet.
The trick is to keep it under moderation. I know it’s hard, but you have to do it.
Once it becomes a habit, you are going to satisfy your need even with 50 grams of low-fat ice cream.
Don’t forget to share this fantastic news with all of your friends. Make them a believer. Or should I say “Ice-creamiver.”
What? – When Justin Bieber’s fans did it, why can’t we do the same thing with Ice Cream?


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