7 Quick Workouts For Busy Moms

As a Mom, you know how hectic life can get. In between bake sales, soccer games and after-school activities, you barely have enough time for yourself. However, you can sneak in a little time to do some working out. These exercises do not have to be complicated, but rather quick and easy.

Sit Ups
7 Quick Workouts For Busy MomsSit up tighten up the tummy area. Hook your feet under a heavy couch, and do some sit ups. Do as many as you are comfortable with.
Arm Curls
7 Quick Workouts For Busy MomsFill two milk jugs with water, and start lifting them up and down. If the jugs are two heavy, drain some water off. Working your arms up and down is a great way to strengthen your upper body area.
Leg Lifts

Grasp the back of a sturdy chair, and lift your legs, one at a time, back and forth. Leg lifts strengthen your lower body, and tone up your muscles.
Power Squats

Grasp the back of a chair, and lower yourself up and down, like you’re reaching for something on the ground. Power squats tone your inner leg areas, and work out your midsection as well.
Butterfly Curls

Grasp two large soup cans. Lie on your back, and outstretch your arms. Bring the soup cans up in front of you, keeping your arms straight. Butterfly curls are a great way to tone up your upper body muscles.
Stair Climbing

7 Quick Workouts For Busy Moms
If you have access to stairs, climbing up and down will burn off calories. You do not have to run, but steady repetition should be done. Stair climbing will tone up your legs, and to some extent, your middle and upper body.
Circuit training
In circuit training, you do not do just one exercise. Rather, you revolve around all the exercises. For example, do ten sit ups, then ten arm curls, then ten leg lifts, etc. Do these as quickly as you can. Circuit training works out your whole body, and not just one specific area.

A huge variety of exercise videos and tutorials are available to teach you how to exercises, without going to the gym. Gain inspiration from them, and start a program. You can save time and money by doing some simple routines around the house, with the overall goal being to achieve a healthier body. However, working out is not enough. You must eat and sleep right too. Confer with a medical professional before starting any sort of exercise and diet routine, and obtain a pre-workout physical to ensure you are healthy enough for physical activity.


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