12 Foods That Burn Fat By Boosting The Metabolism

It is not a secret that people who have a fast metabolism don't have extra weight. After all, the faster your metabolism, the more calories you burn and the easier it is to burn extra fat.

But a fast metabolism isn't an advantage reserved for a select few lucky enough to be born with it. You can also raise your metabolism and get the benefits. How can you do it?
In order to rev up metabolism, you need to lead an active lifestyle and follow a healthy diet. Replace harmful products with healthy products. In this article, we would like to show you twelve foods you may add to your diet in order to speed up your metabolism. If you will eat these products regularly, you will be able to get in shape faster.

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  • Protein-rich products make your body to burn more energy to digest them and significantly improve your metabolic rate.


  • These minerals help regulate the work of your thyroid gland, which is responsible for regulating your metabolism.
  • Add foods high in iron, zinc, and selenium to your diet.


  • An increased consumption of this product may help reduce your appetite and improve metabolism.


  • Caffeine is also very effective at restoring metabolism, so you need to drink two cups of coffee a day.

5. TEA

  • Tea contains components, which may help improve your metabolism by five-ten percent.


  • Beans are high in vegetable protein, which makes them a great product for your metabolism.


  • The ginger powder may help control your appetite, increase satiety and accelerate metabolism.


  • Cacao is a delicious treat that is beneficial for your metabolism.


  • ACV is extremely helpful in enhancing the amount of fat burned for energy.
  • Drink one spoon of ACV a day.


  • Studies show that dehydration slows down metabolism.
  • To improve metabolism, it is necessary to drink more water.


  • This oil is high in medium-chain triglycerides, which may help speed up metabolic rate and control appetite.


  • Thyroid hormone is important in regulating the metabolism of the body.
  • Seaweed is a good source of iodine, which is essential for balancing thyroid hormones.


A 9 Minute Workout To Help You Get A Slender Waist & A Trimmed Belly

Shaping the waist and belly does not only include diet and exercise. Bad posture also contributes to an unshapely waist. In order to work on your waist, you have to keep in mind that not all exercises are aimed at slimming the waist. Some actually work on the abdominal muscles to tone them and as a result, the muscles expand and your waist increases. While you will still have a toned body, your waist will not actually trim down.
Following are 5 useful exercises for a slimmer waist. Perform these at least 3-4 times a week preferably in the order as given below. Those who have recently had surgery done should only perform exercises recommended by their physical therapists. If there is a grace period for exercise after surgery ensure that you adhere to it.
Women who complain about angina, suffer from heart diseases, have had a hysterectomy or a C-section recently should consult their doctor before starting any rigorous exercise. Always remember to stretch out and warm up before starting your workout. Avoid drinking water right before and right after exercise.


  • This exercise should be done on an empty stomach.
  • Lay down on your back on a flat surface and raise your knees.
  • Keep your arms straight out on the floor next to your body.
  • Now take a deep breath and exhale through your lungs.
  • While doing so, exhale forcefully and suck in the abdominal muscles as strongly as you can.
  • Keep this position for 10 to 15 seconds and then release.
  • Those with asthma, cardiovascular diseases, and herniated spine should not attempt this exercise at all.

Bending forward and backward

  • Stand straight with your legs at shoulder length apart from each other.
  • Slowly raise your arms and hands over the top of your head with arms stretched.
  • Carefully bend forwards so that your palms touch the floor.
  • Hold this for 30 seconds and then return to former position.
  • Now bend backward as much as is easily possible.

Boxing twists

  • Lay down on the floor and bend your knees.
  • Place your hands under your head and quickly lift your torso to reach towards your knees as much as you can easily manage.
  • Keep your arms pinned under the head.
  • This exercise should be done swiftly so that the stomach muscles do not have time to relax.
  • You can also add some movement too.
  • When you raise your torso to bend your right elbow towards the left knee and vice versa.


  • Trainers swear by this particular exercise as it does wonder for toning the muscles of the stomach.
  • Hold the body on your toes, elbows, and hands.
  • While doing a plank make sure that your back is stretched and shoulders are not hunched.
  • Keep the position for 30 seconds.
  • You can also alternate this with a side plank which is equally useful.
  • Women who have had a c-section, hysterectomy, any surgical procedure and have trouble with their knees and joints should avoid this exercise.


  • Stand straight with your feet apart and keep your arms by your sides.
  • Breathe out and draw in your belly and then lower your body.
  • Stretch out the left leg to the side while raising the left arm and stretching it in the opposite direction.
  • Bend the right knee and hold the right arm perpendicular to it.
  • Keep this position for 10 seconds and then revert back to the standing position.
  • Repeat the same on the left side.

6 Inexpensive Ways To Treat Oily Hair At Home

Oily hair causes discomfort, and also shows problems with health. The reason for fatty hair is a violation of the functioning of the sebaceous glands, as well as a change in their chemical composition. Failure in the body can occur as a result of diseases of the nervous system, hormonal failures, unhealthy eating and taking of certain medicines.
Oily hair is quickly greased and looks stuck from extreme fat release by sebaceous glands. The skin on the face and body of such people also quickly becomes oily. However, different skin areas can have the different activity of the sebaceous glands. With such hair, the facial skin is normal or even dry.
Pay attention to your eating habits, you need to eat less fatty foods of animal origin, to limit sugar and spices consumption, to normalize the metabolism, and to eat more foods containing vitamins B and E. Experts are very optimistic: it turns out that fatty hair is much easier to treat than weakened, brittle or dry. You just need to know how to take care of such hair, to follow simple rules and to use special means. Also, try these natural remedies. They are very effective and inexpensive:
1. Coconut oil. Apply this oil to your hair and scalp for about thirty minutes before you wash your hair.
2. Lemon juice. Mix lemon juice with water and apply to your hair before washing. This mixture can normalize the work of your sebaceous glands.
3. Witch hazel. Mix witch hazel with mouthwash and apply the mixture to your hair and scalp before washing it.
4. Aloe vera gel. This treatment can hydrate your hair very well. You need to apply it for about 5-7 minutes to the hair and scalp.
5. Beer. Rinse your hair with beer after washing it. It can deal with too oily hair.
6. Apple cider vinegar. Mix it with water and apply to your hair and scalp before washing it.


8 Signs Of Diabetes That May Show Up On The Skin

Diabetes is a chronic condition, which makes it difficult for your cells to take glucose from the bloodstream and use it.
When you eat high-carb foods like bread and pasta your body absorbs sugar from the stomach into the blood flow. After that, your pancreas secretes hormone insulin in order to convert it into the energy and use it for normal functioning.
In type 1 diabetes, the immune system starts to attack person's own insulin-producing pancreatic cells by mistake that leads to the insufficient generation of this hormone. This commonly occurs because of genetic mutations, which trigger autoimmune processes.
Another type (type 2 diabetes) is an acquired condition, which decreases the sensitivity of body cells to insulin. Resistance to this hormone makes it impossible to get enough energy and to work properly.
As a result, blood sugar levels stay elevated, damaging vessels and nerves with passing time.
Poor circulation and reduced innervation can significantly influence the skin appearance, impair sweating and affect its ability to heal.
This usually boosts risks for bacterial and fungal infection. In addition to this, diabetes is associated with some specific skin conditions, including:

1. Diabetic dermopathy

  • elevated blood sugar levels can impact on the tiny blood vessels, causing light brown circular harmless patches also called shin spots.
  • They commonly appear on the front of the lower limbs.
  • It's not rare that people mistake these formations for age spots.
  • But unlike age-related changes, diabetic dermopathy wither after one or two years.

2. Acanthosis nigricans

  • these tan, brownish or black raised spots commonly appear on the back and sides of the neck, elbows, knees and in the groin, armpits in those, who are obese or extremely overweight.
  • The reason is about overproduction of insulin, which is a compensatory mechanism, designed to overcome insulin resistance.

3. Bullosis diabeticorum

  • in rare cases, large painless blisters develop on the fingers, toes, hands or legs.
  • You don't really need to treat them, as blisters usually go away within three weeks without forming scars.

4. Digital sclerosis

  • tight, firm and waxy areas may develop on the skin of the hands, fingers, and toes, so it may be hard even to move.
  • Digital sclerosis can also affect your knees, elbows and ankles, although it is uncommon.

5. Necrobiosis lipoidica

  • red raised pimple-like bumps may become apparent if your blood glucose levels stay high.
  • With time, they turn into brown patches, which look like diabetic dermopathy, but are fewer and deeper.
  • This skin condition may be really painful and may sometimes crack open.

6. Eruptive xanthomatosis

  • if left unmanaged, diabetes may cause the formation of multiple yellowish tender enlargements.
  • You may experience unbearable want to scratch them.
  • Xanthomatosis is more likely to happen in men who live with poorly-controlled type 1 diabetes.
  • The only way to get rid of them is to normalize blood sugar levels.

7. Granuloma annulare

  • nowadays scientists study, whether ring-shaped, slightly raised skin areas to have a link to diabetes.
  • They are commonly found on the body regions, which are far from the trunk (ears, fingers etc.)

8. Ulcers

  • poor blood circulation and neuropathy make it difficult for your organism to heal sores and wounds effectively.
  • Non-healing ulcers most frequently appear on the feet.
  • Once you've noticed any of these skin problems in yourself, make an appointment with your doctor, even if your blood sugar was normal earlier.


5 Smoothie Recipes To Add To Any Healthy Menu

Summer is the time when you don't want to eat anything, but light meals and snacks. That is why most people prefer getting in shape in summer – they just don't want to eat all these sweets and fatty foods when it is so hot outside.
But what can you eat in summer in order to satisfy hunger and slim down? We recommend you eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs and drinking water. And the best way to eat all these healthy products is to prepare smoothies with them!
In this article, we would like to show you five amazing, delicious smoothie recipes. If you want to eat healthily and feel great, you should add these smoothies to your diet! Are you interested? Scroll down to read this article right now.


  • In order to prepare this smoothie, you will need:
  • a cup of fresh raspberries.
  • two leaves of fresh mint.
  • half a cup of coconut milk.
  • half a cup of ice.
  • Mix all these products and enjoy your delicious drink!


  • In order to prepare this smoothie, you will need:
  • one apple.
  • three kiwis.
  • two leaves of fresh mint.
  • half a cup of skim milk.
  • half a cup of ice.
  • Mix all these products and enjoy your tasty drink!


  • In order to prepare this smoothie, you will need:
  • six apricots.
  • a glass of orange juice.
  • Mix all these products and enjoy your smoothie!


  • In order to prepare this smoothie, you will need:
  • a glass of black currant.
  • half a cup of natural yogurt.
  • Mix all these products and enjoy your amazing smoothie!


  • In order to prepare this smoothie, you will need:
  • one apple.
  • two beets.
  • half a cucumber.
  • one lemon.
  • Mix all these products and enjoy your smoothie!
In order to get maximum benefits, you should prepare a smoothie for your breakfast as often as possible. Don't forget to be physically active throughout the day and you will get in shape very fast.


5 Steps To Deflating The Belly

You've probably noticed that even if your belly looks flat in the morning and your figure is amazing, your belly may appear inflated after a while. What is the reason?
The feeling of being bloated or having an inflated belly can be caused by minor problems like swallowing air or eating unhealthy foods. Moreover, you can be allergic to some products.
In order to deal with bloating and keep your digestion healthy, it is very important to get rid of your negative habits and develop some healthy lifestyle habits.
In this article, we would like to show you five steps you should take in order to deflate your tummy. Are you interested? Scroll down to read this useful article right now.


  • Food allergy may be the reason why your belly flattens.
  • If you suspect that you may have a food allergy, you should consult with your doctor as soon as possible.


  • Processed foods are loaded with sodium and other components that are harmful to your body.
  • It is better to eat healthy, organic products, which are lower in sodium.


  • When you eat in a hurry, you don't notice how the air goes to the gastrointestinal tract and causes bloating.
  • In order to improve digestion and prevent bloating, it is very important to chew food carefully and eat slowly.


  • Many people like drinking soda because it is delicious and it helps to quench the thirst.
  • Nevertheless, it is not healthy for your body and it may lead to digestive problems.
  • Soda contains gas, which can cause a burning sensation in the stomach.
  • And sugar additives may also cause bloating.
  • In order to save your health, you need to replace soda with clean water.


  • Most people make this common mistake – having dinner right before going to sleep.
  • Unfortunately, it may result in bloating and constipation.
  • In order to prevent bloating, you should better have dinner two-three hours before going to bed. And make sure your dinner is healthy and light.
  • In addition, if you want to have the flat belly, you should change your eating habits.
  • Balance your diet, be physically active and get enough water.
  • A healthier lifestyle won't only help you flatten your belly, but also improve your overall health.


A Tablespoon Of This Will Completely Cleanse Your Bowel

"You are what you eat" this is an old saying and we can't say it isn't true. The process of digestion is very complicated and if the digestive system doesn't work properly the toxins stay in the intestines, so it can come to various health problems. One of the most important things for the proper work of the metabolism is a healthy diet and regular detoxification of the body. And for that means we present you one mixture which can help you.


  • Plums ( 0.33 lb )
  • Dates ( 0.33lb )
  • Boiling water ( 5 cups )

Preparation Method

  1. When the water starts to boil add the plums and the dates.
  2. Boil them together for fifteen minutes and then wait until it cools down.
  3. Take one tablespoon of it in the morning.
  4. This mixture will cleanse your intestines and help you with constipation.

source: naturalhealthyteam.com

Facts About Normal Vs C-Section Delivery, All Women Must Know

The coming to this world is a real miracle. This process can be performed in two ways – either by regular delivery or a C-section. The physician is the one who estimates which technique is the best for the woman who is about to give birth, and they make this estimation taking into consideration the health of the infant and the mother.

Pros for the mom

  • Women who gave birth to their infant regularly have explained that their experience is better from a psychological point of view.
  • There are women who feel more confident when going through a vaginal delivery.
  • Moreover, the period of recovery for a regular delivery is shorter compared to the C-section.
  • Finally, the regular delivery provides the mother and the child with the opportunity to bond right after the baby comes out.

Cons for the mother

  • The vaginal delivery is not easy at all, and it takes experience, as well as time.
  • Some women can give birth in minutes, while others can take hours.
  • Also, the vaginal delivery makes the planning process for the baby more difficult, because the mother is obsessed with the wedding day.

Cons for the infant

  • During the vaginal delivery, the baby can get injured, even though this is a pretty rare case.


  • Pros for the mother
  • This way of giving birth does not have many benefits, but, knowing that you must have it leaves a lot of time to mentally prepare for the healing process.
  • It still does have an advantage, and it is the shorter time it takes to deliver the baby.

Cons for the mom

  • After a woman has a C-section, she needs to remain at the hospital for two to four days if everything went well.
  • A C-section delivery also raises the risk of physical complaints like pain and soreness after the delivery.
  • This way of giving birth also raises the risk of blood loss and infections.
  • Studies have shown that women who experienced a C-section delivery have begun with the breastfeeding much later.

Cons for the baby

  • Sometimes, infants that are being born by C-section have respiratory problems, and there is also an increased risk of issues with anesthesia or nicking the child.
  • Even though very rare, these cases are still recorded.
  • Many factors can impact the decision, but in the end, the choice is yours.
  • Sometimes, a C-section is necessary and preferred, and this method will be performed even though you have chosen the vaginal delivery.

Source: healthydietcent.com


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